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CESA-The Student Society of Civil Department

Civil Engineering Department has Students Society Civil Engineering Student’s Association (CESA). CESA is the body of students governing the activities of the department of civil engineering. It is one of the oldest students associations of the college. This body plays a vital role by arranging a plethora of events which expose students to the industrial environment. Various workshops and technical lectures are organized to nurture the abilities of students through continuous guidance from technical field experts. CESA also works on enhancing the personality of students.

New body (2016-17) of Civil Engineering Students Association (CESA) along with Dr. A. K. Sharma, Dr. Arun Chaturvedi, Dr. M. S. Kadu and Dr. P. D. Pachpor during installation ceremony (17 September 2016).

Activities carried out under CESA in session 2016-17

Sr No. Activity Post/Designation Nature/Lecture Topic Date of activity
1 Guest lecture Dr. Anupam Kher, Dean, T&P, RCOEM Placement in core Civil Engineering companies 27 August 2016
2 Workshop on “Know your branch and plan your career” 1. Mr. Sachin Mankawde, GATE Forum 1. Avenues for higher education and competitive exams in civil engineering 7 September 2016
2. Dr. Abhijeet Agashe, Dean Academics, RCOEM 2. From campus to corporate.
3. Dr. Chandan Vichoray, RCOEM 3. Resume Building
3 Rangoli Competition Judged by Dr. A. K. Sharma & Prof. E. M. Gonnade Cultural activity for students 8 September 2016
4 AAKRITI –CESA Installation Dr. Arun Chaturvedi Address by Chief guest to inspire students 17 September 2016
5 Cleanliness Drive and Health Check-up camp NGO “Sankalp-Nayi Soch Nayi Ummeed” 1. Cleanliness Drive at Futala Lake 2 October 2016
2. A free Health Check up Camp at the Sundergarh High School
3. Tree Plantation Drive near RCOEM Campus.
6 Civil Premier League (9 cricket teams) Sports activity for students 9 October 2016
7 NEEV’16 1. Dr. Vimal Ghalot, Engineer, PWD Research Wing, Bikener, Rajasthan 1. Chief guest at Inauguration function 15 October 2016
2. Mr. Tarun Shrivastava, Head Scientist National Information Centre, Nagpur 2. Chief Guest for the Valedictory Function
8 Workshop on “Attitude, Aptitude and Attribute Enhancement” with 150 delegates 1. Dr. Vimal Gahlot, Engineer, PWD Research Wing, Bikener, Rajasthan 1. Sustainable Infrastructure Development in India: a way ahead 15 October 2016
2. Mr. Kunal Dashottar,Business Head (Skill Development), Anand Group of Companies, Nagpur 2. Marketing Strategies
3. Mr. Nakul Tijare 3. Presenting Yourself
4. Mr. Rajesh Tiwari 4. Employment Enhancement
5. Mr. Utkarsh Rathi 5. Self Interospection
9 Technical workshop on “Sustainability in Civil Engineering” with 170 delegates 1. Mr. Virendra Dehadarai, AQUADES Structural Consultants (P) Ltd. 1. How Structures Should be made 18-19 October 2016
2. Dr. Ritesh Vijay, Senior Scientist, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur 2. Role of Geospatial techniques in Environmental Planning and Management
3. Dr. Tembhurkar, Assistant Professor, VNIT, Nagpur 3. Energy from Waste
4. Mr. Ankit Gandhi and Vyankatesh Gandhi, Indisolar Power Ventures 4. Sustainable Planning in Solar Energy
5. Dr. Mangesh Madurwar, Assistant Professor, VNIT, Nagpur 5. Energy Efficient Buildings
6. Mr. Rohit Naik, Business Director, Apple Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. 6. Advanced Construction Materials
7. Mr. Tarun Shrivastava, Head Scientist, National Information Centre, Nagpur 7. Role in NIC in Town Planning
8. Dr. A. K. Sharma, Dept. of Civil Engineering, RCOEM, Nagpur 8. Sustainable Transportation System
10 1. Shri Guru Saxena Cultural activity 18 October 2016
2. Mr. Devendra
3. Mr. Anil Mishra
4. Mr. Daya Shankar Tiwari

The technical events organised under NEEV’16 (17-18 October 2016)

Year Event Event Judge No of participant Prizes
NEEV’16 Elevate -A Placement Simulator Ms. Rituja Joshi, Assistant Professor, DMT, RCOEM, Nagpur 70 Students Prizes starting from Rs. 750/- to Rs. 1,500/- were given to the first three winners of various activities
Buildcon- Model making competition Prof. P. D. Hiwase, Asst. Prof. RCOEM, Nagpur 70 teams with 210 students
Tender Filling Mr. A. K. Nagar, Chief Manager, Civil Dept. WCL, Nagpur Mr. Ashok Harwani, Senior Manager, Civil Dept. WCL, 30 teams with 210 students
Town-o-Planner Miss Kaushal Kadu, Asst Director, Town Planning Department- Nagpur Division 30 teams with 90 students
Mad-4-Cad Mr. Tushar Nitnaware, Astral Infotech, Nagpur 120 Students
Elucidation Mr. Mohammed Nazir 20 teams with 90 students

Dr. Anupam Kher discussing placement scenario with final year students (27 August 2016).

Workshop on “Know your branch and plan your career” (7 September 2016)

Dr. P. D. Pachpor, Mr. Sachin Mankawade, Dr. A. K. Sharma and Prof. P. D. Hiwase
Dr. Abhijeet Agashe felicitated by Dr. A. K. Sharma
Dr. C. R. Vichoray faliciated by Dr. A. K. Sharma

Cleanliness Drive at Futala Lake (2 October 2016)

Students volunteers cleaning the premises of Futala lake
Dr. M. S. Kadu, HOD Civil felicitating NMC workers with shawl & a memento

Students participating in Civil Premier League (09 October 2016).

NEEV’16 (15-19 October 2016)

Dr. Vimal Gaholt along with other Degnetaries at Inagural Functikn of NEEV'16 (15 October 2016).
Mr. Tarun Shrivastav along with Dr. A.K. Sharma, Prof. P. D. Hiwase, Miss T. B. Gupta uneviling the NEEV'16 Magazine (19 October 2016).

Photographs of Workshop on “Attitude, Aptitude and Attribute Enhancement” conducted under the banner of NEEV’16 (15 October 2016)

Dr. Vimal Gahlot addressing the students at the Inagural Function of NEEV'16
Mr. Kunal Dashottar,Business Head (Skill Development), Anand Group of Companies, Nagpur addressing gathering
Mr. Nakul Tijare at Attitude, Attribute and Aptitude Enhancement Workshop.
Mr. Utkarsh Rathi addressing the degneterios on Self Interospection (15 October 2016)

Photographs of Technical workshop on “Sustainability in Civil Engineering” conducted under the banner of NEEV’16 (18-19 October 2016)

Mr. Virendra Dehadarai guiding the students on “How Structures ashould be made” (18 October 2016)
Dr. Ritesh Vijay from NEERI addressing the delegates at workshop (18 October 2016)
Dr. Tembhurkar being felicitated by Dr. A. K. Sharma during technical workshop (18 October 2016)
Mr. Ankit Gandhi addressing the students on Sustainable Planning of Solar Energy (19 October 2016)
Dr. A. K. Sharma welcoming Dr. Mangesh Madulwar at the workshop on Sustainablity in Civil Engineering (19 October 2016)
Mr. Rohit Naik addressing the delegates on Advanced Construction Materials (19 October 2016)
Dr. A. K. Sharma Addressing the gathering on Sustainable Transportation System (19 October 2016)
Dr. A. K. Sharma welcoming Dr. Tarun Shrivastav at the Validactory Function (19 October 2016)

Photographs of various Technical events conducted under banner of NEEV’16 (17-18 October 2016)

Participants involved in Group Discussion in ELEVATE event
Bridge Testing during BUILDCON event under NEEV'16
Participants filling the Tender form During TENDER FILLING event at NEEV'16
Participants at TOWN-O-PLANNER event during NEEV’16
Participants of MAD-4CAD Event
Participants of Elucidation Event

Photographs of Kavi Sammelan organized under banner of NEEV’16 (18 October 2016)

Shri Guru Saxena (Sand) being welcomed by Mr. Akshay Tejankar
Prof. M. S. Tiwari felicitating Mr. Nathkat during Kavi Samelan
Mr. Anil Mishra performing during Kavi Samelan
Mr. Daya Shankar Tiwari (Maun) performing during Kavi Samelan

Dr. D. P. Mase, Structural Consultant, presiding the function of Installation of Civil Engineering Students Association (CESA) 2015-16

CESA organizes the various technical events under heads AAKRITI, TECHNOVISION, NEEV
AAKRITI Installation of Civil Engg. Students Association (CESA) body. This event consist of several inter collegiate competitions, games and quiz.

TECHNOVISION is a national level technical symposium. The event has always contributed towards the technological growth of the students. As a part of the Technovision, a technical magazine is published. Students contribute their ideas, information, new technology review etc in the magazine.

NEEV is a event to develop Technical, Organizational, Managerial, Professional, Social & Ethical Skills of students of civil Engg.. This event consist of several inter collegiate competitions and workshop where experts from industry shares their knowledge. The event consists of Tender filling, Town-O-Planner, Conundrum, CAD, Road nest (Buildcon) i.e. bridge model design contest, Elucidation i.e. paper contest etc.

Copy of Souvenir of NEEV 2015

The Activities organised under NEEV (Session 2015-16)

Year Event No of participant Prizes
NEEV 2016 (2015-16) Buildcon 320  (80 Teams) First three winners were awarded with the cash prize worth Rs.5000, 3000 & 1000.
Tender Filling 210 (70 Teams)
Elucidation        75 (25 Team)
Town-o-Planner 240 (60 Team)
Mad-4-Cad 120
Flex-o-Mania 27 (9 Teams)
Workshop 260