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Embedded Club

Faculty In-charge: Sharmik Admane and Shubham Anjankar

To create and develop the idea of students towards realization of practical application, Department of Electronics Engineering is formed Embedded System hobby club. This club aims at providing basic knowledge of electronics and will also help students to use these concepts to come up with constructive and useful Embedded Electronics System. This club will have three levels, Beginner (II year), challenger (III year), facilitator (IV year) where Experience seniors transfer their knowledge to Newbie’s junior. Embedded Club creates a platform for sharing innovative ideas and to develop the research based activities.


  • To make the students practically knowledgeable in field of Embedded System.
  • To create platform for sharing innovative ideas for likeminded Technocrats to generate ideas / product / technologies.


  • Arranged various training program on basics of embedded system and interfacing of peripherals for students.
  • Students participated in various competition like e-Yantra

One Days Workshop On“Learning From Scrap”

(14th October 2017)

The Embedded Club of department of Electronics Engineering, RCOEM Nagpur had successfully organized One Days Workshop on “Learning From Scrap” on 14th October 2017 for Second year, B.E Electronics Engineering students.
One Days Workshop on “Introduction to Proteus Software” on 28th October 2017 for second year B.E Electronics Engineering students conducted by Prof. Prasad Shekdar and Prof. Suvarna K. Gosavi, under the banner of Embedded Club.

“Hands on workshop on Raspberry pi and Python”

workshop for 1st year students of M. Tech (VLSI DESGIN) on 3rd and 4th March 2017 by Prof. Shubham C. Anjankar


I. Micromouse

Micromouse is high speed palm sized autonomous bot which can be programmed for line following, Maze solving, path tracing, optimizing shortest path and various applications. we have made this micromouse bot from scratch and trash reacing its speed near bout 600 rpm. This is a PID programmed bot for idealizing the accuracy and reducing errors for better stability and speed.

II. Thermopowered

The bonafied students of Dept. Of Electronics Eng. came up with their idea named "Thermopowered" in which they are building a prototype of net-metered on grid thermoelectric generator with line commutator for regeneration of energy from surplus heat produced in industries. Their idea have been selected in 'Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge'.