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Do You Know

न सा दीक्षा न सा भिक्षा
न तद्दानं न तत्तपः
न तद् ध्यानं न तद् मौनं
नम्रता यत्र न विद्यते ॥
भावार्थ - नम्रता के बगैर दीक्षा, भिक्षा, दान, तप, ध्यान, और मौन सब निरर्थक

IIT Kanpur has develped a website on our treasures of Vedas, Shaastras etc. Finally someone from today's science & technology field is digging into what has already been done many many years ago. Check it out: No issue of language as IITK smartly put each Shloka in various languages. Most amazingly, commentary on each shloka by various scholars has also been provided. When you click on Hindi translation and select the language as Tamil, it automatically translates everything into Tamil. Good use of technology.