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International Collaborations

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International Collaborations

With globalization and increasing need for international exposure to academia, RCOEM has forged ties with various universities of USA and UK. The primary aim of these collaborations is to foster advancement in teaching, research and academic collaboration and to create avenues for enhancing student and faculty experience, enhanced employability with development of curriculum, practical approach, soft skill development and creativity. The collaborations aim to achieve these through development of short term programs, sharing of best practices, innovative or creative concepts, and student and faculty exchange. Collaborative development of teaching and research methodology and continued education programs are also part of the collaboration.

Memorandum of Understandng with Foreign Universities

Joint International Conferences with Partner Universities

International Conference “MICON 2016” on “Strategies in the Present Scenario for Managing Growth and Competitiveness” organised by RCOEM in Association with Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K. in Jan. 2016.

International Conference on “Electronic Systems, Signal Processing and Computing Technologies” (ICESC) organized by RCOEM in Association with University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA and  University of the District of Columbia, Washington, USA, University of Cumbria, U.K., American Society for Engineering  Education (ASEE) with the technical support  of  IEEE in Jan.2014.

Glimpses of International Conference on “Electronic Systems, Signal Processing and Computing Technologies”

Short Course at Partner Universities

RCOEM students attended a short course on Computer Networking at Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K. from 20th May to 27th May 2015 conducted by Prof. Mike Fitzgerald. The complete tour was organized and coordinated by Prof. Anish Goel from EC department.

RCOEM Students working at Computer Networking Lab at Digital & Computer Science Department at Northumbria University, UK.
RCOEM students & Prof. Anish Goel with Prof. Joseph Allen & Prof. Mike Fritzgerald of Northumbria University.
RCOEM students at VLSL lab at UMASS Lowell
RCOEM Students & Prof. Nitin Narkhede with Prof. Kanti Prasad of UMASS Lowell

RCOEM students visited UMASS Lowell, USA in June 2012 and undertook training on VLSI by a team of experienced resource persons headed by Prof. Kanti Prasad.  Prof. Nitin Narkhede from EC department RCOEM organized and coordinated the complete tour.

Workshops organized in collaboration with Partner Universities

1 week Workshop on “Mechatronics” in association with University of the District of Columbia conducted by Dr. Devedas Shetty in Jan.2014.

1 week Workshop on “Smart Grid Technologies for community Energy Systems” in association with University of Cumbria, UK conducted by Prof Xiongwei Liu in Jan.2014.

1 week Workshop on “Networking Protocols” conducted by Dr. Nirmala Shenoy (Professor in Networking Security and Systems Administration Department and Director - Lab for Wireless Networking and Security, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, USA) at Computer Science Department, RCOEM in Dec 2015.

Workshop for Department of Business Management students organized by London School of Training, UK in Jan. 2014.

Seminars/Guest Lecture organized in Collaboration with Foreign Universities


RCOEM IEEE students’ Branch in association with IEEE Bombay Section organised a guest lecture of Internationally renowned Dr. Monai Krairiksh from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Bangkok, Thailand. Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management as a part of its commitment to provide world class technical education organised Dr. Monai Krairiksh guest lecture on “Remote Sensing of the Physical Qualities of Fruits.”

Mrs. Golda Malhotra, Coordinator – India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, Network N+I: Engineering Studies in France interacted with RCOEM students for upcoming applications to Engineering Institutes of Nplusi on 11th Feb. 2016.

Prof. Durga Mahdab Misra from NJIT, USA delivered a lecture on “More Moore or More than Moore: CMOS High-k Gate Stacks to Nanotechnology” at RCOEM on 6th Feb. 2016.

A lecture on “Microwave Circuit Packaging Fundamentals” by  Dr. Michael Heimlich, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia was delivered on 21st October 2015,  at  RCOEM. Delegates from Macquarie also discussed about further collaboration with RCOEM.

Dr. Nirmala Shenoy, Professor in Networking Security and Systems Administration Department and Director - Lab for Wireless Networking and Security, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY, USA visited RCOEM to explore the possibility of collaborative research  work on 29th Sept. 2015.

Students at Partner Universities

Students of RCOEM are highly ambitious and after graduation many of them apply to foreign universities for Master's Program. The college has a record breaking list of alumni's who have pursued higher education from top universities of the world.

To support this venture of students, college provides best possible guidance to students aiming for higher education from foreign universities. Students are provided complete counselling including university short-listing, Statement of Purpose preparation, Documents preparations, VISA documentation and VISA interview preparation.

Students also apply to partner universities (Universities having MOU with RCOEM) and the cell aims at fetching the best possible option for students in terms of financial aid and admission acceptance.

The international collaboration has various objectives that includes arranging students visits/exchange programmes at partner universities, faculty interaction/interchange programmes, organization of joint international conferences, collaborative research work for faculty members and exploring higher education and scholarship options for RCOEM students.

Students at other Foreign Universities

Details of Students Admitted to Foreign Universities for Fall 2015 Session through RCOEM International Collaboration and Higher Education Cell.