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The rapid urbanization and economic development at local, regional and global level has led to several environmental and ecological crises. On this background it becomes essential to adopt the system of the Green and environmentally sustainable practices on the Campus of the institute which will lead for sustainable development.Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management is deeply concerned and unconditionally believes that there is an urgent need to address these fundamental problems and reverse the trends of pollution. Being a premier institution of higher learning, the college has initiated ‘The Green Campus ‘program two years back and has actively promoted the various projects for the environment protection and sustainability. Awareness and sensitivity towards protection of environment is an important part of value education. Keeping the mission of RCOEM of providing value education and social responsibility in mind, REEF (Shri Ramdeobaba college Engineers for Environment Forum) was set up as an environment club of the college The club, founded on 25th January 2012, is hosted by the Department of Chemistry of RCOEM.It works to achieve the following objectives:

Dr. S.L. Mudliar
Mentor Faculty

    To create awareness and take up various activities for the conservation of various aspects of the environment.
  1. To establish active association with various organizations working for environmental conservation.
  2. To take up various activities for underprivileged children and in the process initiate and ingrain the value of environmental conservation.
  3. To encourage the development and execution of ideas on role of technology for protection of environment.
Some of the Activities.......2019-20
  • Water Tap Survey Initiated for a noble cause, the “Digital Water Tap Survey” started on 28th September 2019. It aimed at conserving water, by identifying various leaking taps throughout the campus, and repairing them. The Survey was conducted in an eco-friendly manner, using online forms. The gateway was circulated through social media. The Club multiple reports and complaints, which were directed to the maintenance department for repair.
  • Poster Making Competition After declaration of “Nation-wide Plastic Ban”, it was time to spread awareness. As an interactive activity, A “Poster Making Competition” was organized on 22nd October 2019. The theme was selected as : “Plastic Ban: Harmful effects of Plastic”. The event took place at the Open Air Theatre. It saw participation of some very talented artists of our college.
  • Guest Lecture on Noise Pollution A prominent NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur) engineer, Er. Satish Lokhande, was invited to deliver a speech on “Noise Pollution”, organized on 21st December 2019, in the Main Auditorium. He has developed a “Noise Tracker” mobile application, which measures real-time noise level and indicates, whether it is within permissible limits or is exceeding it.
  • Nylon Removal Drive Nylon “Manjas” are still used during the Makar Sankranti. It is a hazard to nature, and poses a serious threat to birds. A Nylon removal drive, “Clean the GREENS”, was organized by GroWill Foundation on 19th January 2020. REEF participated and contributed towards this cleaning drive. Various urban jungles were parsed, and large amount of Nylon Manja was collected. The Bharat Van jungle, Ambazari backwaters, and various other places were selected. Teams were made and sent to each such location to collect Manja. This Manja was then used to manufacture recycled products, and was even used to stuff inside soft toys.

  • Some of the Activities.......2020-21
    A year of great apprehensions and Uncertianities . Nevertheless many online activities related to environment were conducted like Elocution competition, Activities like Making of Bird Feeders, Photography competition, etc were conducted.

    Green Ambassadors- REEF Members

    Annual Report


    1.Bird race during Wildlife Week 2016.

    REEF (Shri Ramdeobaba college Engineers for Environment Forum), the environment club of RCOEM, won the Vidarbha Bird Race organised by Maharashtra Forest Department in association with Birds of Vidarbha on account of Wildlife Week celebrated from 1st to 7th October 2016. This is the 3rd consequent win for REEF in different bird races organized in Nagpur in the past one and a half years. REEF stood 1st among 30 teams that participated from all over Vidarbha. The team was led by Rohit Hazare (3rd Year, EC). The other members were Harjot Singh Kahai (4th Year, Civil), Atharva Mangrulkar (2nd Year, IT), Himanshu Gunde (2nd Year, EDT), and Udayann Dayaanand (2nd Year, Civil).
    A Bird Race is a full day competition where a group of experienced and budding birdwatchers spend an entire day spotting and identifying as many species of birds as possible. The team which is able to identify the maximum number of bird species wins the race. Winning is based on many aspects like knowledge and identification skills.

    REEF (Ramdeobaba College Engineering for Environment Forum) wins it's 3rd bird race during Wildlife Week 2016.

    2.WIPRO Earthian 2014 Award

    REEF (Shri Ramdeobaba college Engineers for Environment Forum) members had participated and have been adjudged as the winners of Wipro Earthian 2014, an international competition for schools and colleges. The winning team comprised of the team guide and mentor faculty of REEF Dr. Deepshikha Mehra, team leader Rohan Dekate, Aaditya Somani, Vishakha Jaiswal, Radhika Kale and Manas Agrawal. The college and REEFians were awarded a prize money of rupees 1.5 lakhs and were invited to Bangalore for the prize distribution and interaction to engage the college with its CEP (Continuous Engagement Program) on 7th and 8th of February respectively. They emerged as a winner of this international competition among with India’s other premier institutions like IISc Bangalore, IIM Indore, NIT Trichy, XLRI Jamshedpur, etc.

    REEFians receiving the Earthian Award at the hands of Azim Premji at Banglore

    REEF celebrates Wildlife Week

    India celebrates wildlife week every year in the first week of October (2nd to 8th) with a motive to promote the preservation of fauna in the country. REEF, the environment club of our college, celebrated the week by hosting an event on 6th and 7th October in the college campus. The event was inaugurated by Dr. S D Mohagaonkar (Dean, 2nd shift) and Dr. Deepshikha Mehra (Mentor faculty, REEF and HOD, Humanities). In the event, wildlife photographs clicked by REEF members in college and during educational trips were exhibited on a flex. The photograph of Royal Bengal tiger received the maximum number of public votes. The event also included a wildlife themed flywheel game and tattoo art.

    The Inauguration of event

    REEF members also made silhouettes of 6 wildlife species from ceramic waste on various green patches in the college campus. These silhouettes aimed at spreading awareness about various wildlife species and their IUCN status. The event received a positive response by the students, teaching and non-teaching staff. It also made them aware of the status of Indian Wildlife and marked the urgent need for preservation of the rich fauna of the country.

    Principal sir interacting with REEFians during the event
    Students making tattoo
    The REEF team
    The Silhouettes
    The tattoo art game
    The Vote box


    Nature Trail
  • What can be more soothing and refreshing than having a meet with nature. To witness the beauty of nature, there are plans to organise nature trail every month.

  • Paper Recycling
  • Small steps taken by millions can make a big difference on ground. The leftover pages of used notebooks can be utilised to create a new book

  • Social Outreach
  • Reaching towards maximum number of people. Interacting with maximum number of people and educating under privileged and meeting with their needs

  • Tree Plantation
  • If we can't do great things, do small things in a great way. We all can plants and nurture trees atleast on our birthdays to contribute for environment.

  • Waste Management
  • Arrange various activities and sessions in schools, colleges and universities highlighting the importance of waste management.

  • Workshops
  • The world is moving faster. Hence we must be updated enough about the modern technologies and practices which are helpful for conservation of environment.

  • Awareness Programmes
  • Its always to work together to achieve bigger goals. Hence, REEF will as always continue to spread awareness among masses.

  • Cleaning Water
  • Water is important source of life. Our water bodies are getting filthy day by day. Hence, REEF will increase its frequency to conduct cleanliness drives near water bodies.

  • Collection Drives
  • Its always easy to achieve a common goal if we work together. Hence, we look forward to collaborte and work with other like minded groups.

  • Forest Cleaning
  • Unfortunately beautiful forests are getting filthy due to plastics and other wastes. Cleanliness drives in some part of forest will be our upcoming focus.

  • Member activities
  • Work constantly for the preservation of environment. Increase the reach of the club among masses and bring laurels to the club.