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Students' Representative Council

Dean of Students (DoST)

  • The student’s office is dedicated to meet all student needs and students are empowered to perform in academic and cultural activities.
  • The student office supports students and provides them with opportunities in developing leadership skills, encourages students’ engagements, volunteering in activities of social, cultural and sports areas.
  • The goal of the student affairs office is to facilitate the students in constructive engagement and personal growth.


  • The mission of DOST is to nurture and enhance well-being of the student community during their stay at the institute and later as an alumni member.
  • DOST is responsible for the maintenance of student discipline and decorum in campus

  • Intervene in all the students’ affairs during their campus life.
  • Culture, discipline and decorum.
  • Act as a Chief mentor for the students in the campus.
  • Advise various departments so as to deal with the students in a more sensitive manner.
  • Student Guidance and Counseling organization
  • Training and Development Program for students
  • Monitoring General Facilities for Students
  • Member of all the boards that formulate policy related to students (Academic/Extra Curricular)
  • Member of Hostel Committee


  • Responsible in campus discipline of the students and coordinate the same with the hostel wardens
  • Member of the Proctorial Committee to prevent ragging
  • Encourage healthy living and lively positive relationships among students and the campus community
  • Plan and get executed various co- and extra-curricular activities
  • Regularly Interact with students to keep them informed about the rules and regulation of campus and also to know about their grievance if any
  • Boost up student morale and counsel them for achieving their career goals and to become a good human being
  • Provide feedback to Departments and faculty members on various issues faced by students
  • To put up all the issues related to students in front of management so as to ensure a cordial relation between students and management

SRC members


Sr. No. Name Final Year with Branch Post
1. Suryadeep Khungar Electronics Engineering General Secretary
2. Antara Andulkar Electronics Engineering Cultural Secretary
3. Om Jodhpurkar Computer Science and Engineering Overall Club Coordinator
4. Aveg Ganorkar Electronics and Communication Event Manager
5. Raj Ostawal Civil Engineering Creative and Systems Head
6. Sadnyani Gomkar Electronics and Communication Student Welfare Head Higher Education Cell Coordinator

Sr. No. Name Third Year with Branch Post
7. Anushka Khandelwal CSE (AIML) Joint Cultural Secretary
8. Sarthak Bhojwani Mechanical Engineering Joint Cultural Secretary
9. Tanish Parashar Mechanical Engineering Joint Event Manager
10. Kunwar Jora Computer Science and Engineering Joint Event Manager
11. Om Nagpurey Electronics Engineering Joint Event Manager
12. Tanmay Salodkar Civil Engineering Student Welfare Executive
13. Sejal Randive Computer Science and Engineering Student Welfare Executive
14. Renuka Kadu Biomedical Engineering Ladies' Activity Representative
15. Hrushikesh Dagwar Information Technology Public Relations & Marketing Head
16. Raunak Malapure Electronics and Communication Public Relations & Marketing Head
17. Priyal Parhadkar CSE (Data Science) Creative Head
18. Eakas Arora Electronics and Communication Creative Head
19. Rajveer Singh Mechanical Engineering Technical Incharge
20. Sharvani Bagdai Industrial Engineering Editorial Executive
21. Puru Ladhani Industrial Engineering Resource Manager
22. Shreyansh Agrawal Biomedical Engineering Resource Manager
23. Samiksha Sonkusare Electronics and Communication Dance Club Coordinator
24. Tarun Mishra MBA Integrated Dance Club Coordinator
25. Arnav Palaskhedkar Electronics Engineering Drama Club Coordinator
26. Pratham Yadav Electrical Engineering Technical Club Coordinator
27. Yash Ingolikar Electronics and Communication Literary Club Coordinator
28. Gaurav Singh MBA Integrated Photography Club Coordinator
29. Tilottama Bhutada Computer Science and Engineering Music Club Coordinator
30. Adwait Warkad Computer Science and Engineering Music Club Coordinator
31. Abeer Pandey Biomedical Engineering Art Club Coordinator
32. Mehreen Khan MBA Integrated MBA Coordinator
33. Ashutosh Jha MCA MCA Coordinator